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Aug 7th, 2015 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

On the top corner of my roll-top desk there is a small figurine of Garfield the Cat, sitting in his living room chair with a drink in hand, a bowl of popcorn on his lap and a cushion under his feet. This was a gift […]

Towing Museum Seeking Nominations for Board of Directors

Aug 7th, 2015 | By | Category: Spotlight

The International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum has announced to its members that it is currently accepting nominations for the museum’s Board of Directors. Serving on the museum’s Board is a great way for members to get involved in decision making and […]

Just a Piece of Paper?

Aug 7th, 2015 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

In the business of training and education there are many certifications one can research regardless of your career path or field of interest. The question is: Is the value of a certificate of completion worth the paper it’s printed on? I think the best answer […]

Vulcan Now Offers Heavy-Duty with Third Winch and PolyBilt Body

Aug 7th, 2015 | By | Category: New Products

In 2014 Vulcan introduced a 22,000-lb. third winch option to their Vulcan V-100 and V-70 models. The PolyBilt body provides strength and durability, rust and corrosion resistance, aluminum roll-up doors that provide increased safety by allowing the operator to work closer to the side of […]

NRC Celebrates 40-Year Anniversary

Aug 7th, 2015 | By | Category: Industry News

NRC is celebrating its 40-year anniversary and part of that celebration includes the unveiling of a new branding logo for the rest of 2015. “For over 40 years, NRC has focused on building quality towing equipment at the cutting edge of technology that meet the […]

Towing & Recovery Management Summit — Thanks for Attending

Jul 24th, 2015 | By | Category: Spotlight

Thanks to attendees and vendors for attending the 2015 Towing & Recovery Management Summit. The reviews and feedback have been great for this year’s Summit, held July 15-17 in New Orleans, La. There will soon be a follow-up Summit review on and information about […]

Kenworth Launches New Technology To Improve Vehicle Diagnostics and Productivity

Jul 24th, 2015 | By | Category: New Products

Kenworth has announced two new technology products to improve vehicle diagnostics and productivity on the road – KENWORTH TruckTech+ and KENWORTH NAV+ HD. KENWORTH TruckTech+ will be available for new Kenworth Class 8 trucks specified with the PACCAR MX-13 engine starting this summer. Kenworth customers […]

Jerr-Dan Twin Steer Rotator In Production

Jul 24th, 2015 | By | Category: Industry News

Jerr-Dan Corporation, an Oshkosh Corporation (NYSE:OSK) company has announced the completion of the first production twin steer JFB rotator at the factory in McConnellsburg, Pa. The twin steer rotator chassis option is now in full production. The company also announces that it has obtained a Purple Permit in the State […]

Reducing Weight

Jul 24th, 2015 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

Over the years this writer has spoken of how weight often works against a HD wrecker which must be stretched to maximize performance. This “stretching” adds lots of space so manufacturers gladly install various sized body boxes, some double tunnels being large enough to accommodate […]

A Rug That Says “Safety First”

Jul 24th, 2015 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

As you enter the door to my shop, you will cross a rug that says “Safety First”. While the purpose of the rug is to catch dirt and grime, the saying is a reminder to all who enter to think safety first. Safety first is […]