Jul 12th, 2013 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

Most towers should use their wreckers as traveling billboards, however the larger the rig the more lettering because there’s more space. Let me tell a story about one of those electronic signs that changes every few moments. First, it’s located alongside the interstate highway so traffic is flashing by at 75+ mph. Next, you have to be a speedreader to catch the message, and then only when you take your eyes off the highway far too long for safety. So the electronic sign and all that information on the side of your wrecker have a lot in common in that there are too many words to grasp at a passing glance.

Next on my hit parade of bad signage is the telephone number. Daily I see out-of-town wreckers coming and going with only a phone number and no area code or city name. If your equipment looks well maintained, I want to know your complete phone number along with your location. For example:

Quality Towing and Recovery

Lawton, OK


That’s all the signage you need because the appearance of your equipment alone speaks volumes about you and your business. And, the fact that you’re several hundred miles from home base tells the public that you’re both local and long distance.

Signage on both sides and tailboard of the wrecker with these few words in bold, block letters and colors that contrast with the background will draw you attention coming and going. Because at this point all you’re trying to do is make a good first impression and inform the public of who you are, where you are and your phone number. The wrecker does the rest because, after all, it really is a traveling billboard.

One more thought: The person who is really interested in knowing your identity is the same person who just had an experience with one of your competitors. And, if it was a “bad” experience, he really wants to know you and you want to know him because if he needed a wrecker once, statistically he will need one again — and it could be you instead of the other guy.