Mysterious Forces

Jun 1st, 2012 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

In case you haven’t noticed, beer and Wisconsin go together like bacon and eggs. Their association annual tow show is a family affair, always on Father’s Day, and is often held at the Wisconsin Dells where there is room inside, outside and around the pool.

But, an interesting thing happens each year, usually on opening night. Of course, the guys get into the state beverage early on because that’s the thing to do in Wisconsin. After dinner and about dark-thirty, most of the women and faint-hearted men retire for the evening, leaving the others to polish off that last keg.

And, they do and more, but in the process something wonderful, dangerous and exciting happens.

At first light on the following morning, the outside display area sometimes looks like an Oklahoma tornado passed through, with derelict vehicles piled on top of one another, some standing on end, and others completely re-arranged from the orderly set up of the day before. However, the last time I attended the Dells show there was no such re-arrangement. In fact, there was more dancing and Polka music than anything else, including beer.

One year they asked me to MC and I readily accepted. They have so many supporters that give “stuff” for door prizes that it takes a staff of two-dozen to set it all up and an evening to give it all away.

These are great people that support their industry. They bring their children, young and old, drink together, eat together and debate the issues of the day together and sometimes they also play together.

And, those mysterious forces? Well, I’m tempted to re-visit the Dells again this year just to see who’s doing what and when.