Mess On My Desk

May 17th, 2013 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

Geri Roskpf PhotoI am totally out of it today. I was out of the office for three days and came back to a mess on my desk. Not a good way to start your morning.

Mail is piled up, phone messages, faxes and daily book work. Guess that’s what happens when you run a small company and “do it all.” Sometimes I wish I had a secretary.

The reality is, I should have a back-up plan, because – heaven forbid – if something should ever happen to me, no one would know all that I do – or how I do it.

My husband would be an OK substitute for a while. He can get a check written and now knows how to print reports. I was down in Florida when I got a phone call from him. I had forgotten to print out a report for our accountant. I tried to explain to him how to get into the program and print the report. It was very difficult to explain over the phone – for me it’s almost done automatically. Log in, click here, click there and print. We were both getting frustrated as I was trying to visualize my steps and he was trying to type and follow my direction. We both gave a sigh of relief when he was finally able to get to the report and print it.

I’m one of those “organized mess” types and I feel I work pretty well under pressure, but I really didn’t want to come back to this mess. Guess it’s time I write up my job description and start to delegate. Not sure if that will help my messy desk, but I’m sure that once I present my job duty list to my husband, I’ll ask for a raise.