Job will not proceed without deposit. Deposit is non-refundable.

By placing this order, I authorize production of the stated job based on specifications and pricing outlined in this order.
I understand that any changes made to the specifications may affect pricing. At said time of change, I will be notified of any pricing differences.

Pricing reflects:

Final payment is due after client approves the final proof. The job will not proceed without final payment.

During the course of your job production, if inactivity occurs for more than 30 days due to lack of required input from client, the client agrees to pay the balance due within ten (10) days.
At that time, the job will be placed on a hold status until receipt of required input from client is received.
MarketSmart will then add the job back in to the current production schedule for completion.
Visa, Amex, MasterCard and Discover accepted. Make Check payable to T.T. Publications.

Ground UPS included in cost USA only
** please report any damaged or missing product within 10 days after receiving shipment.
Damaged or missing items may not be replaced or honored from the printer, UPS or MarketSmart